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An interview will be arranged with the Co-ordinator for the parent and the child to receive all necessary forms (registration forms, health records, consent forms, committee selection), that need to be filled out. As well, new members will have an opportunity to ask questions, have a short tour of the centre, and a visit in their child's program. A starting date will be set and if a subsidy is required, parents will be directed to call the Subsidy Office to set up a subsidy interview.

We recommend a progressive integration of the child to her/his new environment. For the first few days, we ask that the parent and child come for a few hours visits in the morning and stay with the child to help minimize their apprehension and provide reassurance. The parent should discuss with program staff how your particular child can be best integrated into the program (favourite activities, likes, dislikes etc.).
Sunflower Coop,
23 Feb 2014, 17:04