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Behaviour Management

Discipline versus Punishment: The word discipline comes from the Latin words "disciplina" meaning teaching or learning and "discipulus" meaning pupil.

Discipline Punishment

● emphasizes what a child should do ●emphasizes negative

● fosters child's ability to think ●insists on obedience

● accepts child's need to assert ● undermines independence

● is positive ● thinks for child

● helps child change ● is an adult release

● sets an example to follow

Effective discipline should be:

● related to the nature of the troublesome behaviour

● appropriate to the developmental level of the child

● used in a positive and consistent manner

● designed to assist the child to learn APPROPRIATE behaviour

● implemented as soon as possible after the troublesome behaviour

At Sunflower the staff gently help the child to see logical consequences of actions. Children are not judged as good or bad; it is the ACTIONS that we like or dislike, not the child. If a difficult behavioural situation arises, parents and staff will work together to formulate a strategy for dealing with the troublesome behaviour.

Staff are PROHIBITED from using verbal or corporal punishment when disciplining a child. Verbal punishment is defined as a harsh or degrading measure that would humiliate a child or undermine a child's self respect. Corporal punishment is defined as slapping, hitting, biting, or unnecessarily rough handling of a child by an adult. No child shall be deprived of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding. Children may not be locked or closed in, in any way, as a method of confinement or isolation.

Staff are required to comply with the above stated policies and procedures and all requirements in the Ontario Day Nurseries Act. Failure to comply will result in a written warning on the first offence and suspension with pay for three days on the second offence. The staff must also address this issue in writing after meeting with the co-ordinator, and formulate an alternative method of dealing with the problem. This letter will be kept in the staff's file. The use of corporal punishment will result in immediate suspension, and the case will be brought to the Board of Directors to resolve.