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Emergency Procedures & Serious Occurrences

In the event of a serious incident the co-ordinator should be notified immediately. Where medical attention is required for a child in care, the parents will be immediately notified. In the case of an emergency, or when the parents cannot be reached, the co-ordinator (or person acting in her/his position) will summon either an ambulance or a taxi to transport the child to hospital, or other medical practitioner. The child's file will be taken to the hospital with the child. Any serious occurrence, as defined by Ministry guidelines, shall be reported to the Ministry that oversees the licensing of child care centres within 24 hours of the incident.

In the event of fire or flood etc., the children will be taken to our emergency shelter (Primary: CMHC Bldg. C, Cafeteria; Alternate: Montfort Hospital). Staff will then contact the parents to pick up their children as soon as possible. The Day Care Centre will remain closed until all health and safety regulations are cleared by the proper authorities.

By law it is our obligation to report all suspected cases of abuse to the Children's Aid Society. They are able to evaluate each situation and help the family with support and/or resources available to them.