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Additional Fees

Diaper Fees:
Parents have the choice of providing their child's diapers or having the centre provides them for a monthly diaper fee. The current diaper fee is $20 per month, and is payable at the beginning of each month.

Deposit Fee for a Reserved Child Care Space:
As of 2008, Sunflower began implementing a $100 deposit fee for each reserved child care space. This fee will be applied against the first month’s child care fees once the child starts. Should the reserved space be cancelled with less than two weeks notice prior to the child’s start date, the deposit fee shall be forfeited. The deposit fee will be waived on confirmation of a child care subsidy appointment with the City of Ottawa.

Other Fees: From time to time the Sunflower Board may assess user fees in order to offset unbudgeted costs of specific program items (for example: sunscreen fee). When this occurs, you will be notified through a parent notice.