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It is part of your obligation as a member at our co-operative to be an active member of one of the centre's committees:If you have the time and the inclination, you may also want to consider standing as a candidate for a position on our Board of Directors.
List of committees

1. Fundraising/Social Committee


-to facilitate social functions for the Day Care centre such as Pot Luck Dinners, or other events that the committees would like to organize.

-to do various fundraising events throughout the year. Could be in conjunction with a social event. For example, a pot luck dinner and Discovery Toys Display.

2. Maintenance Committee:


-to aid in maintaining day care equipment and materials in good condition.

-to repair broken toys and equipment as promptly as it is possible, sewing of sheets, curtains/book repairs

-to organize and implement an annual spring clean-up day involving all general memberships' help (usually a picnic at lunch)

3. Hiring/Resource:


-to augment the children's programs with various visitors from the community (safety officers, dental hygienists, musician...)

-compile detailed list of place, people, and happenings that would be of interest to the children.

-to be an active part of the hiring process for any positions that come open in Sunflower, as outlined in the Hiring Process Policy.

4. Newsletter Committee


-to keep the general membership informed on Daycare events, happenings, and issues through frequent 1 or 2 page bilingual newsletters and to have 2-3 special larger editions through the year.

-to be a vehicle for parents or staff to advertise items for sale or share ideas.

5. Finance committee:
To review the center budget and investment opportunities, and other duties that may arise of a financial nature