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Parental Obligations

As a member of our co-operative, there are a number of duties and obligations required to sustain your membership here at Sunflower:

• To have your child(ren) in by 9:30 am each day. We request that all children be in by 9:30 in the morning, as late arrival is disruptive to the program, and it is often difficult for your child to integrate at a transition time.

• The parent must sign child(ren) in and out. You must sign your child in and out daily, and ensure that the staff member on duty is aware of your child's arrival and departure. Please be sure to say good-bye to your child before leaving.

• Staff must be informed of any changes from regular routine. If an alternate person is coming to pick up your child, call to let us know, or write this information in the sign-in book. If your child has a Dr.'s appt., had a restless night, or there have been recent family changes, it is important that staff be kept informed.

• Parents must keep the child's Registration Information up to date. It is imperative that any changes in address, phone numbers, persons allowed to pick up child, etc. be kept current AT ALL TIMES in case we need to reach you during the day.

• Parents must agree to participate on at least one committee. We ask that parents participate regularly on their committee. If for any reason it is necessary to miss a meeting, the parent must contact the chairperson or another member to keep current on committee events.

• Parents must attend the Annual General Meeting held each fall. This is when the general membership elects the new board.

• All fees must be paid on time each month. The administrator will post bills in your child's locker at the beginning of each month.

• Parents must check doors, lockers and bulletin boards regularly to keep informed about committee meetings, centre news, etc.

• Parents must participate in our Annual Spring Clean Up and help with fundraising events during the year if necessary (i.e. ticket sales, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with these duties may mean a review of your membership by the Board of Directors, and could mean your child(ren) would be asked to withdraw from our co-operative. However, if parents are experiencing difficulties that interfere with their abilities to carry out their membership duties or obligations, they should inform the co-ordinator. We will try our best to help. If the problem is relatively short term or temporary, a co-operative effort on behalf of staff and parents might help alleviate the problem.
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