Arrival and Pick-Up

Young children depend on regular routines for their sense of security. We require that your child be in by 9:30 am and that you pick them up as early as possible. Children can find the day long and it is difficult to keep children involved in activities when they are tired and want to head home. If you have flexible working hours, please make it a priority to come for your child early.

Sunflower has a digital keypad lock at both entrances to the centre. The code is provided to parents when their child is admitted into the centre, and is the same for both entrances. These doors are always kept locked. The keypad codes are operational on open days between 7:30 -11:30am and again between 3:00 - 5:30pm. Visitors, persons who do not do regular pick-ups or parents arriving between 11:30am and 3:00pm must ring the doorbell for admission (located on the wall to the right at the main entrance).

When your child arrives, please notify a staff member as to their presence. Sign your child in at this time. Please accompany them directly to the supervised play area and be sure to say good-bye to your child. Similarly, when picking up your child, enter the play area and make sure the staff knows you are leaving. Please remember to sign your child out.

Unless previously arranged, children WILL NOT be released to any person other than those specified on the admission form in your child's file.

WITHOUT A COURT ORDER ON FILE the staff are unable to legally prevent the release of a child to his/her non-custodial parent. WE MUST HAVE A COPY ON FILE.

Late fees are charged to the following month's bill for any child picked up later than the 5:30 pm closing. The more offenses, the steeper the fee levied. Parents must sign the late book, and the late fee will be added to the next month's bill.