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Sunflower Co-operative Day Nursery places a strong emphasis on being a supportive extension to the family unit. We expect parent involvement because we feel it gives you an opportunity to help shape and enrich the environment in which your child(ren) spend much of their day. As well, it gives parents a chance to get to know the staff and other parents at the centre. 

We offer a comprehensive program which attends to the various stages of the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of your child. Guided by trained staff your child will be exposed to situations and activities, either individually or in groups, which stimulate: 
  1. Curiosity, self-expression and initiative. 
  2. Independence. 
  3. Interaction with and respect for others and the environment. 
  4. Communication skills, decision-making capabilities. 
  5. Building self-esteem and a positive self-image. 
  6. The development and refinement of gross motor and fine motor skills.