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Withdrawl & Discharge Policy

Written notice of your child(ren)'s withdrawal must be given at least four weeks in advance. If insufficient notice is given, the unsubsidized (full fee) rate will be charged for the two-week period. A permanent space cannot be guaranteed if you wish to temporarily withdraw your child, but we do have a policy on this. You may enquire with the coordinator if you need to find out more.
It should be noted that not all children are suited to group care. Please bear in mind that our staff are not trained to work with children who have severe emotional problems or developmental delays in the absence of expert help. We will endeavour to do everything possible to help each child adapt and integrate into our program, using the community resources available to us. If, despite everyone's best efforts, the difficulties appear to be more than we can manage, the staff may ask the Board of Directors for guidance. Notice of withdrawal may result.