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Toddler Program

Welcome to the Sunflower Toddler Room.

The philosophy of the Toddler Program is based on the idea that children’s work happens through play.  We provide a warm and caring environment where children feel safe and comfortable to explore and grow.

We recognize children as individuals while being members of the whole group.  With this in mind we meet them at their developmental levels and build on their knowledge by providing age and developmentally appropriate, play-based activities. Our room has specific learning centers that stimulate the ‘whole child.’  There are manipulative toys for cognitive and fine motor development, dramatic play for social development and language, art and sensory activities for creative development, and a whole separate room for gross motor play.  All of these areas allow the children the opportunity to explore and learn about the world around them. 

Toddler Daily Routine

We believe that a consistent daily routine is very important for children. It provides a sense of safety and security in their world. When children know what to expect it builds trust between them and their teachers. Our routine includes structured and free play activities, quiet and active play, group and individual activities, indoor and outdoor programming, as well as toileting routines, meal times, and a rest period. We follow the same schedule each day, with the understanding that there are times when flexibility is needed. 

At this exciting time in your child’s life we promote independence as much as possible. We encourage the children to participate with the diapering routine and to assist in dressing for outdoors. We give children choices where and when appropriate so as to give them a sense of control over their environment. This hopefully limits negative behaviour and helps the children feel respected. We use positive reinforcement by focusing our attention on the behaviors we want to see repeated. We help provide a voice for children by helping them express their feelings.

We know that the family is of primary importance in a child’s development so we strive to develop mutual trust and open communication with each family. We encourage parents to contact us with any questions or concerns as they arise. Our ‘open door policy’ means that parents are always welcome.

When we provide for the ‘whole child’, children have the confidence to learn and grow in an environment where they feel comfortable and happy to spend their day. We hope this gives you a picture of what the toddler program is all about.

Quality childcare is the right of all children
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